Saturday, June 13, 2009

What to say?

MeiLin is inquisitive, verbal and intelligent. Other parents sometimes are not prepared for the level of interrogation we have slowly accepted as normal from her. The latest:

"Ms. Kim, Adam in our class is really bad. He said the A-word and the F-word and was suspended. I think it is because he watched too many violent movies when he was 3 and 4. This show [old Superman cartoon] is violent, but not too violent. It could be more violent. Is fart a bad word? I don't think it is a really bad word, just kind of bad."

"Mom, this girl in class is getting on my last nerves. She is said I had to be homecoming queen or she would break up the spy club."

to a friend's teenage cousin who has cerebral palsy and could not go swimming with us: "So how do you go to the bathroom? Do you go by yourself?" She did ask politely and is curious and later my friend said it gave the boy a chance to learn how to answer such questions in a non-threatening environment (a 7-year old).


Dr. Rick said...

Remember this when we are older.

I have heard that when we get older we become child like with regard to what we say.

Research indicates it is actually a change in the brain's physical structure that is to blame, not your parents.

Amanda said...

at least it isn't boring... :)

Linda said...

I suggest Life Cycle books - they have answers for just about everything.