Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I finally went to get waxed last week for the first time since we moved (9 months ago!). Summer is here. I don't mind getting in the lap pool to swim with my stubbled legs, but community pool season is here and the beach vacation is coming.

I went to a new place. She did a pretty good job, but as I have been shaving for 12 months, the hairs are stubborn and don't want to come out, so it is back tomorrow for a touch-up. Consistent waxing actually makes the hairs come out easier. I don't know why--ask a dermatologist.

She mentioned that a guy called recently and asked for an appointment. She said "call the city; they do men there."

After reading this rather unintentionally hilarious article, I am now ready to give her a new statement for the male callers: "We don't do the male undercarriage here."

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Dr. Rick said...

Why would any man want it? Pain!