Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feels like new

Sometimes all it takes to make something like new is a better fit, a change in perspective, a washing clean. God tells us this pretty often - be new, become like new, re-birth.
Yesterday, I had a bike fit, my first ever. A bike fit? It is basically like it sounds: a knowledgeable person measures you, puts you on your bike, watches you ride, maybe uses high-tech assistance like video, measures some more, talks to you and then suggests changes or adjustments to your saddle, bars, pedals, cleats etc. In a way, it is a lot like a general physical check-up at the doctor's office. It might be routine, change little and feel like a waste of money or it could be re-invigorating.
I had a great bike fit (thanks Josh at CycleLife USA!). I rode 20 miles today and it felt like a new bike -- my toes did not go numb, my shoulders and neck did not get stiff/sore and I didn't play "shuffle my hands" as I rode trying to find a comfortable spot. Feels like new.

1 comment:

Dr. Rick said...

Yep, I supposed being correctly fitted any artifact by the experts in the field is a very good idea.

No if it only worked as well for the pursuits of life, job, future mate, etc., would be wonderful.