Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What to name the new one in the stable?

Yes, we have ordered a new bike. Now, before you start asking how many bikes we have in the garage (8 1/2, but I really don't think we should count the one that has been in its suitcase for, um, 7 years), let me first say that we have a plan. Secondly, let me add in our defense that this bike will replace the 1/2 bike (otherwise known as a trail-a-bike).

Our new bike will be Enno Orange. I don't know what Enno means, but orange is Maiya's favorite color and how many orange bikes do we see riding around? The Bike Friday Family Traveler Tandem is cool. Let us enumerate the ways it is cool: it adjusts so that the kids can ride on back and then you can quickly adjust again and adults can ride on back; it breaks apart and fits into two hardcase, rolling regular luggage-size cases; it has smaller tires; and it is orange.

It does not yet have a name, but the girls are thinking. It will be hear in about 3-4 weeks and we'll definitely pop up some pictures. If this bike works out, then our red, much-loved Santana tandem will go up for sale so we can add a second Bike Friday tandem--in purple, of course--MeiLin's favorite color.

In the meantime, enjoy a picture of the Santana while it is still here!


Dr. Rick said...

let us know how the new Orange dream machine performs.

Dr. Rick said...

Oh, as for the name, how about Fizzy Lizzy. There is an Orange drink (among others) known by that name, Fizzy Lizzy company

Amanda said...

i like the name charlie.

Dr. Rick said...

Mom says how about orange cursh?