Saturday, September 13, 2008

Next Adventure or Are We Crazy?

We have our next assignment. Actually, we have our next two assignments. At the end of October, we move to the Washington DC area for 20 months. In DC, we will both attend Joint Military Attache School (JMAS) and then Burmese language training. Burmese? Yep, because in 2010 we will depart for Burma\Myanmar for a three year tour. Have you found it on the map yet?

As part of our move to DC, we will do a DITY move - Do It Yourself. This is where the comments from friends and family come in: "are you crazy?" I guess we are. We've been casing the neighborhood for any boxes and have about 200 in the garage. The packing will begin in a few weeks, although the girls want to start now. Apparently, packing is fun when you are six. We'll let you know how fun it is.