Thursday, March 5, 2009

To Miss Lizard and Other Postal Poachers

Please leave my sister's packages alone. I did not pick out these gifts for you. You might like Luna bars and the foam stickers could be amusing, but really, what will you do with the posters, books and clothes way too small for most adults outside of Asia? The color of the shirt is wrong for you. The pants will be too short. The artwork from my daughters will just be a puzzle to you, more than likely something you use to write down notes or visit the toilet. Going through someone else's mail might seem a mystery, but it really is a tragedy. Give it back. Pass it up. Let it go. Please.


Dr. Rick said...

Rage on Sister. You tell em like it is. Couldn't agree more.

Amanda said...

the box arrived safely & unharmed. your rage worked! thank you. i love you.