Saturday, March 21, 2009

Goodbye faieries and princesses

MeiLin, at least, has moved on ... to Star Wars. She is taking Maiya partway with her. Enjoy. (Oh, and they are modeling their new swimwear.)




Linda said...

cute, cute, cute - thanks for posting these:)

Dr. Rick said...

they are so cute. i like star wars also. classic can be enjoyed by many generations.

Amanda said...

i love it. but when did they start watching star wars? and who will be the princess at halloween? (now, there's cause for a riot...)

GlobalNomad said...

We let them watch the first one (the old one) -- of course, MeiLin now wants to know when she can watch The Empire Strikes Back. She says she will have a Star Wars birthday party next year. She says she'll be Leah for Halloween. Maiya doesn't know --she might be Padme or C3PO or Chewie :)