Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coming Out

Yesterday morning, I reached for the kitchen faucet to pull out the retractable handle and spray the sink's morning mess down the drain. Suddenly, a considerable water stream hit me in the face and neck, finding a great ravine down my sweatshirt neck. I had the handle in my hand, now no longer connected to the faucet by the retractable cord. I felt a moment's panic and then my brain kicked in. After turning off the water and cleaning up the puddles, I thought "great...what do I do now." Then, I slapped myself. Get it in gear and fix this problem. And I did. Not a great handy-woman work story, but somehow it reminded me that I can do these mechanical things I don't usually do.

Now, my sister had an even greater moment this week when she ran down and shamed a grown man who pickpocketed her cell phone on the streets of Rundu. She ran him down. Wow! My sister has true steel underneath, but even I was a bit surprised. She might have been too. But, sometimes, the moment, the emotion, the need pulls you through and you just do it.Seattle will seem so tame.


Dr. Rick said...

Yeah, well as the police and daddy will tell you running down a man stealing a cheap cell phone, might not be the wisest thing to do.

Amanda said...

i wasn't about to lose all of those SMS messages from home. wise or not, i don't regret it! ;)

we are stronger than we imagine.