Friday, March 13, 2009

Conversation with a 7yr old daughter at the shoe store

Mom: You need some Spring sandals to wear to church, school and around.
Daughter: These! (holding up a pair of strappy glitter gold ones with a one-inch heel)
Mom: No, those would kill your feet and you are too young for heels.
Daughter: Why?
Mom: What about these white ones (leather, cushy, adjustable straps, secure).
Daughter: Hm.
Daughter: These! (holding up an almost identical pair of strappy, no cushion, foot killer shoes with one-inch heel, only in sparkly silver)
Mom: Um, no, those are the same as the other ones.
*Cell phone rings. Dad on phone from Hawaii to say hi to daughter.
Daughter to Dad: Yes, we are at the shoe store. [listen] Yes, but Mom won't let me get any of the shoes I like.

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Amanda said...

well, at least she isn't picking out a shiny, strapy dress to wear with the shoes. or maybe she is? ;)