Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Learning another language always reminds me how complex our thoughts, and therefore our languages, are.

Teacher today: This is how you say "Is she inviting me?" And when you add this word (yeh), it means that you suspect her.
Me: I suspect her of what? Inviting me?
Teacher: No, let me see. You are talking to a woman about another woman who is having a party. The woman you are talking to tells you that you will be invited, but you don't believe you will be invited. You suspect the woman having the party will not invite you. So, you say "yeh" after the verb.
Me: [thinking...] Ah, it is like the word "really" in English: Is she really inviting me? Suspect her. Got it. An interjection.


Dr. Rick said...

Language, all languages, are so complicated. I agree with Mayia, there should be only one no, not no and know. I mean what is know but now with a k in front and why? If the k has to be there why do we not say, "K"now?

Linda said...

Fortunately, you don't take after me, a Spanish class drop-out. You will do well in this and we are praying for you also. Love you, precious daughter:)