Monday, August 3, 2009

First day of school

Grasshopper's first day of Kindergarten finally arrived. She got teary and clingy, but I escaped out the door and came back 6 1/2 hours later to find a quite happy new student clapping and singing with the teacher.

Long-legged girl went off to 2nd grade with the practiced confidence of big sister, although she kept my hand squeezed pretty tightly as we walked her to the new classroom. Seeing one familiar face from last year helped and she hung up her backpack and said good-bye. At the end of the day, she was tired and a bit disgruntled that, yes, she has to go back to school tomorrow, but overall seemed to have a good day.

And, today was the first day of bento lunchboxes. For what looks like fairly small lunchboxes, I really packed in quite a bit and they even ate most of it and finished up the remainder as a snack after school.

The girls also scored Schueltuete from Oma with lots of goodies, but I'll have to get that picture from Opa.

**For those curious souls, the bento lunches included: onigiri rice balls, soy sauce, rib meat for Grasshoppper and a rabbit-shaped boiled egg for older sister, seaweed chips, mozzarella cheese, frozen peaches, goldfish crackers, gummi baeren, fruit leather and cherries (only for older sister)


Amanda said...

the girls are adorable. and now i want you to pack my lunch every day.

Linda said...

Wow - I'm impressed; you are a great mother and wonderful daughter, Heather - love you so much and I'm so proud of you:)

Linda said...

Grasshopper and long legged girl look beautiful - I'm glad they want to go to school - love you all and miss you!

Dr. Rick said...

What beautiful grand ones. Wish you were packing my lunches.

Love you,