Friday, August 7, 2009

Eat what you want as long as you cook it yourself

For those interested in seeing the outside of the girls' bento boxes:First Friday Bento 1: pears in the ziplock, gummies in a heart silicone, a Z-bar. Then noodles, asparagus tips and a cheese omelet.
Same but with dried pineapple instead of the bar.

Pollan is at it again, getting us to think about what we eat, why we don't cook, what the consequences might be -- read his latest essay.


Dr. Rick said...

Wonderful. Again, you want to pack my lunches?

GlobalNomad said...

To Mr. Semi-Retired Virtual Professor: where would you be taking this lunch?

Dr. Rick said...

Well to TWU in Canada for the 2 weeks in Sept. Actually, lunch and dinner would be nice.

Linda said...

Those are not lunches - they are forms of art - great job - hope the girls enjoy them.