Sunday, September 20, 2009


  • I need a new lens and an external flash to take great food pictures.
  • I probably don't need to cook as much food as I do.
  • I seem obsessed with cooking, eating, food.
  • I have finally started running again, only to be cruelly punished by the running gods with a Jacob's hip after only the second day back.
  • I have only two weeks until I will be living in a bathing suit for a week.
  • What am I thinking making chocolate chunk bread two weeks before such an activity?
  • Although, peach pie sounds nice for later this week...and I can always gimply run to offset.
  • Sigh... more time on homework and reading and less on food would be wise.


Dr. Rick said...

Is your Jacob's hip leaving you limping? If so, maybe best not run for awhile.

GlobalNomad said...

It is better--after some aggressive treatment, all new and will try a jog today.