Monday, September 7, 2009

Just 5 More Miles

Kids love to do things, particularly things they think they shouldn't be able to do. This is a secret we parents must remember. Make the activity seem hard, too old, too much, just too and your child might surprise you.
This Labor Day weekend, we decided to take the new Fizzy Lizzy tandem for a better test ride, a two-day trip, out on the C&O canal trail to Leesburg, VA and back on the WO&D.

The result: 86 miles total, half on the lovely, shady and bumpy canal trail with a ferry ride across the Potomac and then half on the faster, more crowded paved trail. The girls switched back and forth between Fizzy Lizzy where they needed to pedal (or try to) and the Behemoth Screamer where they rested their feet up and were in danger of falling asleep!

We saw turtles, butterflies, a stray cat, a crane, a snake and all kinds of people and found a rockin' Carolina BBQ place right off the WO&D trail (just close enough for a Saturday out-and-back trip in the future, hmmm).

Oh, and if you really want them to keep going that 5 more miles, have a swimming pool waiting at the hotel or a Vitamin Water in the offering.


Dr. Rick said...

Wonderful. It looks like all had a good time. Love you guys and looking forward to Christmas.


Linda said...

Thanks for all posting all the wonderful photos; glad all of you had a great time - love you, mom

Amanda said...

i love these photos! thanks.