Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kam Sa Hammy What?

MeiLin started Tae Kwan Do three weeks ago. She is thrilled. She is memorizing the belt colors and order. She has already asked how far she can get in the 20 months we are here. She does it with gusto and is very quick with "Yes, Sir".

Maiya has been watching from the sidelines. The move has startled her. She is timid and clingy. She misses Daddy and she hasn't been ready to plunge in. But, she couldn't deny her inner hyper-fairy gymnast for too long. Today, she finally decided to give Tae Kwan Do a try with sister. And, no surprise, she loved it too. She wants to go back tomorrow (Sunday, honey, there are no lessons). We'll have to have the Master order a special outfit for her as the smallest in the studio would have the pant's waistband under her arms.

I love to watch them. They are strong, nimble and co-ordinated. They also listen and respond, quickly. And, on a day like today where we had some really wild, not listening, not behaving moments out in public, I remember that they do know how to listen and behave--really they do. Maybe next time I should take them to Target in their white Tae Kwan Do pajamas.

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Dr. Rick said...

good for them and good for you guys. kids can behave, but usually much better for others than those closest to them -- parents. good idea about target and the pj's. go for it.