Saturday, April 15, 2006

That's not a knife...

This last week I've been recovering from back surgery. Finally, relief from the nagging, sleep-depriving pain in my right leg we've been struggling with for the last six months. I have to say I was pretty nervous about the whole thing as I had never been in a hospital during my first 40 years. Talk about an impetus for a mid-life crisis - hit 40 and stuff stops working. But, despite some early hiccups in my care and a rather lengthy diagnosis phase, I ended up with a superb doctor and woke up pain-free from my surgery (less the pain associated with the surgery).

So, at home this week, trying very much not to twist/bend/lift/stress my back. It's tough not being able to pick up the girls, and the desire to mow the lawn or organize the barn is strong. But, the fresh memory of the last 1/2 year is enough to not want to do any more damage. I did do some walking (the doctor said I could and should walk) and am now very sore since I haven't done any exercising in months.

Our lives continue to change in other ways too. We're moving closer to our move to Monterey, CA, with a projected class start date of 5 July. Two weekends ago we moved the rest of our alpacas to Oklahoma and sold our stock trailer. Last weekend we sold two more shelters and a bunch of other farm stuff. We also purchased a popup camper. Yesterday we sold the Ford F250 Pickup (snif!). Next week we're putting the house on the market.

The next three months will be interesting to say the least. Another adventure for the family, a new place to live, new experiences for us and the girls. In all this we are always blessed and thankful - especially for friends and family who supported us. Thank you.

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