Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hindsight Faith is 20/20

My grandmother, Mama, had many sayings, including "hindsight is 20/20." We learned again this week that we are simply not in control and even our best efforts to be in control and solve everything would leave us with solutions less than desirable. We've had a roller coaster week. We signed listing papers last Tuesday for our house and it actually went on the market with MLS/ on Saturday. The mother of a friend of a friend came by last week twice to look at the house--after it was on the market. We thought the visits exciting and a good start to indicate interest. Then on Sunday afternoon, the realty company called to schedule a showing for Sunday night. Monday morning after my walk, our realtor Jodie called and said "I have a full price offer for your house."

As MeiLin's book "Lily's Purple Plastic Purse" says: "Wow! That is all we could say. Wow!"

We had to hustle some this week as we had not actually received any confirmation of if Mike was in the July class so we were in a bit of a quandary on possession dates. We decided on Monday to counter with a rent back until June 19. If Mike was in the July class, we would move by then. If he was in the September class, well, we might be living in the pop up camper for awhile. The buyer accepted our counter offer Tuesday and we found out Mike is indeed in the July class.

We took a walk last night after a spring rain. The air was cool and damp. Mike tried out his "moo" cell ring with the cows; they seemed interested, maybe too interested. We just can't believe all we have experienced, done and been a part of in the last 17 years. God is amazing and we are humbled! I vowed (again) to try to stop controlling things. I might make it through the week.

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