Saturday, July 18, 2009

3 days, 212 miles, 2 sunburns, 1 heckle and 0 trips to the bushes

We pulled our screamin' behemoth Rans out of its 8-year sleep and credit card toured Maryland this week. The little ones were with grandparents so no stops at the kitchy stores or every bathroom.

Our best response in a small southern MD town, one woman to another at a gas station across the street: "Ain't that somethin'?"

Our worst moment: crazy youth heckling us out of their beat up tan Mazda as they sped past us on a tiny country road with no shoulder.

Our scariest moment: coming to this bridge and having to go over it.

My typical view sfrom the stoker position:
My navigation cockpit complete with maps and iPhone with GPS:

Sunburn after day#2 (hardest and hottest day):

One of the reasons we bike: treats! Have you ever seen such a tiny was perfect.

Approximately our route:

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Amanda said...

i'd prefer to skip to the treats but it looks like you guys had fun.