Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Do you love those times in your life when you wake up a bit, clean house and kick yourself into gear. Yes, it feels good to lighten the load. Yes, it feels awesome to get out and exercise regularly -- why didn't I do that before? Yes, it feels great to organize the garage so we can get bikes in and out without tripping over the trashcan, recyclables and a few odd boxes. Yes, yes, yes, it feels joyful to be back reading--the Word, good writers, poems. Why do I lose focus and wander off to things that don't matter and dusty corners cluttered with junk?

I don't know. I hope this new clearspacerejuvenationfeeling stays with me for awhile.

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Dr. Rick said...

Ah, true words.

Join us as we pack and sack (much junk to go to recycle, Sally Ann, or just trash).

It is a sign of the materialistic blessings of Americans that a new industry consuming land in a big way is self-storage warehouses.

I look up and down our street of new 3 to 4 bedroom, 2-3 bath, and double car garage homes and see half or more of the garages (sad to say, ours included) filled with "stuff."

Yet, we feed the industry of self-storage so it can grow more space for our surplus stuff we cannot part with.

Sad indeed when most of the people in the world still live in one room "homes."

So lighten away, and feel extremely good about it.