Thursday, April 2, 2009

Si, se puede!*

Twin day at school

The better part of life ... this year is shaping up to be one of those odd ones. Odd years are the years I bump along, expecting one thing to happen and happen and happen. That thing disappears and I end up somewhere else. I adjust, plan and start over only to find more detours and bumps. Now, I know you might say this happens all the time ... of course it does as we humans are frankly pretty lousy at predicting the future. Yet, there are times when almost all of life goes only slightly askew, almost tilted sideways. I am walking through the carnival tilting house. I am still on my feet, but the room is off.

I'm going to keep going though.

*attributed to Dolores Huerta


Dr. Rick said...
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Dr. Rick said...

MeiLin is very pretty and the two of them together are cute.

Life is more than a carnival tilting house. It is a carnival tilting house on top of a skater's back straddling the rails of an awesome roller coaster. Hang on!

Fun, isn't it?

Love you,


GlobalNomad said...

Or on the back of a cosmic turtle perhaps? Check out Terry Pratchet's work :)

Amanda said...

oh, i can relate!

Linda said...

uh-hmmmmm - I know that's right. Cute photo of the twins - I'm partial to the one on the right. Love you!