Friday, January 30, 2009

Packing for another world

I am sending a care package to my sister in Namibia. Many of us take the certainty of mail delivery for granted. I do not know if my package will arrive or when it will arrive or what condition it will be in if it does arrive. I have a 20 lb limit on an international priority mail box. I have filled it with everything in the picture below, although three Luna bars are refusing to fit. I need a scale. Even though I went to Body Pump class yesterday and consistently lifted 10 to 20 lbs of weight for one excruciating hour, I can't decide if this is over or under 20 lbs. I am also confronted with a nasty little Customs Declaration form that gives me one inch for "Detailed Description of Contents", including Qty., Net Weight (in lbs and oz) and value for each line item. Ha!

Sister, it is is coming. I just don't know when.

Contents: random posters and some Geographic Kids magazines, a People magazine, Nivea lotion and lipbalm, alphabet stickers, gum, orange slices (because my sister likes them), more stickers, post it note pads, Ferrero Rocheros, malaria meds, random drawings from the girls, coffee (does my sister have a coffee maker of any type?), more meds, markers, lovely vanilla candles because there are a lot of smells where she is at that she will want to mask, mints, pencils, dry erase markers, more stickers and an assortment of Luna bars because they are yummy and because I have no idea which is her favorite flavor, although this seems like something I should know.


Amanda said...

Man, it's like Christmas! The kids will love, love, love the article about Barak Obama as they are fascinated by him. Thank you so much. You are an amazing & supportive sister.

monica said...

I don't think you need to declare everything, at least when I send to Brazil I don't declare every single item. Because if i do so, they will end up stealing the contents inside the package.