Monday, December 8, 2008

Sleep: Overrated

Doctors and researchers always want to push sleep on us. Get more sleep, they say. At least 8 hours, they recommend. You won't function well if you don't. You'll be stressed and out of focus. You'll gain weight (okay, that one might be true given my late night snacking habits).

I'm hear to tell you as a single parent for the past 3 weeks that the doctors and researchers have not factored everything. If you are able to knock out three hours of billable work in the peace and quiet of past bedtime hours while also ordering the family's Christmas cards and shopping for matching holiday sweaters for the family, well, that is time well-spent and reduces your stress considerably. Sleep is good when you can get it. But, sometimes, that feeling of accomplishing and ticking off tasks on the ever-growing list is even better.

Gotta go now and finish the Christmas shopping before the midnight sale at Amazon ends.

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