Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Historical: A Windy Valentine

Heatherly here. Mike is on a business trip and unreachable. It is Valentine's Day, although the candy fest began last Thursday with library story time and continued through a 4-year old's birthday party on Saturday, children's church valentine cookies on Sunday and then yet another Valentine celebration complete with heavily iced cupcakes at MeiLin's violin class last night. No wonder MeiLin is a bit confused and asked last night if it would still be Valentine's Day when Aunt Mandy comes on March 1.

This morning, the girls opened a package from my parents--lovely little kitty face purses in plush fabric and bright colors. The purses contained more candy of course. Unfortunately for me, the girls will focus on the fruit gel Cinderella snacks (Disney knows what girls want) while Monica and I struggle with the chocolate temptation. Have you ever noticed that given a choice, most children will choose the cheap, pure sugar, pastel or outrageous colored treats and leave the lovely (but apparently dull) chocolates for the adults?

Our ladies' bible study started again last night with a study of John and Stasi Eldredge's Captivating: Unveiling the Mysteries of a Woman's Soul. Reading Stasi's observation that most little girls go through a twirling stage and want to be lovely gave me a new appreciation for my own daughters' current ballerina/princess passion. Maiya will come to me dressed in a lovely pink fairy costume complete with little wings and declare "I'm pretty!" She then smiles and laughs as I confirm she is beautiful and give her a hug. Perhaps Stasi is right: deep in every woman's heart is the desire to be beautiful, to give beauty to the world. It is an embarrassing thought to me sometimes, conflicted with societal pressures and connotations. Yet, the beauty we want to unveil is the beauty of a 2-year old little girl twirling in the kitchen to music, dressed in outlandish satin and netting over her pajamas, her eyes shining and laughter coming from her heart.

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